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Sessions Time
Paper Type-ID Paper Title
Day 1: June 1st
Welcome Message 23:00 9:00 16:00 Welcome Message by the Chair(s)
Keynote 23:10 9:10 16:10 Towards New Multi-device Computing: Flexible UI Distribution for Transparent One-app Multi-device Execution
Insik Shin, Professor, School of Computing, KAIST, Korea
23:55 9:55 16:55 Break - End of keynote
Session 1: Time-Triggered and Time-Sensitive Networks
Session Chair: Song Han
24:00* 10:00 17:00 FP-8 A Reliable Job Allocation Scheduler for Time-Triggered Wireless Networks,
H. Baniabdelghany, R. Obermaisser
24:20 10:20 17:20 FP-25 Synchronizing Real-Time Tasks in Time-Triggered Networks,
E. Kyriakakis, J. Sparso, P. Puschner and M. Schoeberl
24:40 10:40 17:40 FP-19 T-Pack: Timed Network Security for Real Time Systems,
S. Mittal and F. Mueller
25:00 11:00 18:00 Invited Multi-Link Failure Effects on MPLS Resilient Fast-Reroute Network Architectures,
W. Gray, A. Tsokanos and R. Kirner
Day 2: June, 2nd
Welcome Message 23:00 9:00 16:00 Day 2 Welcome
Session 2: Predictability in Real-Time Systems
Session Chair: BaekGyu Kim
23:05 9:05 16:05 FP-12 A Processor Extension for Time-Predictable Code Execution,
M. Platzer and P. Puschner
23:25 9:25 16:25 FP-17 Taming Non-Deterministic Low-Level I/O: Predictable Multi-Core Real-Time Systems by SoC Co-Design,
S. Vaas, P. Ulbrich, C. Eichler, P. Wagemann, M. Reichenbach and D. Fey
23:45 9:45 16:45 FP-16 An Evaluation of Adaptive Partitioning of Real-Time Workloads on Linux,
A. Stevanato, T. Cucinotta, L. Abeni and D. Bristot
24:05* 10:05 17:05 FP-6 Experiences from Adjusting Industrial Software for Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis,
P. Denzler, T. Fruhwirth, A. Kirchberger, M. Schoeberl and W. Kastner
24:25 10:25 17:25 Break - End of session
Session 3: Real-Time Systems for Machine Learning Applications
Session Chair: Raimund Kirner
24:30 10:30 17:30 FP-11 Real-time Detection of the More is Less Performance Anti-Pattern in MySQL Databases,
N. Lui, M. Hasan and J. Hill
24:50 10:50 17:50 FP-7 Real-Time Scheduling of Multistage IDK-Cascades,
S. Baruah
25:10 11:10 18:10 FP-18 CUPiD^RT: Detecting Improper GPU Usage in Real-Time Applications (Best Paper Award)
T. Amert and J. Anderson
25:30 11:30 18:30 FP-24 Energy-Efficient Adaptive System Reconfiguration for Dynamic Deadlines in Autonomous Driving,
S. Yi, T. Kim, J. Kim and N. Dutt
Day 3: June, 3rd
Welcome Message 23:00 9:00 16:00 Day 3 Welcome
Session 4: Distributed Real-Time Systems
Session Chair: Martin Schoeberl
23:05 9:05 16:05 FP-9 RT-Cloud: Virtualization Technologies and Cloud Computing for Railway Use-Case,
G. Gala, G. Fohler, P. Tummeltshammer, S. Resch and R. Hametner
23:25 9:25 16:25 FP-4 Fault-tolerant Clock Synchronization using Precise Time Protocol Multi-Domain Aggregation,
E. Kyriakakis, K. Tange, N. Reusch, E. Zaballa, X. Fafoutis, M. Schoeberl and N. Dragoni
23:45 9:45 16:45 FP-14 Handling Communication Dropouts in an Artificial Hormone and DNA System,
U. Brinkschulte and M. Pacher
24:05* 10:05 17:05 FP-5 Handling Assignment Priorities to Degrade Systems in Self-Organizing Task Distribution (Best Student Paper Award),
E. Hutter and U. Brinkschulte
24:25 10:25 17:25 Closing Remark

* This time is for the next day.